Yes, you can cancel anytime. We do not require a commitment longer than 30 days at a time.  When you sign up, you will automatically be billed monthly.  If you cancel during the 30 days of your current active subscription, your service will end at the end of the 30 day term and you will not be charged any further. 

To cancel your service, open tugo TV and simply select "My Account", "Manage Subscriptions" and select cancel.  Your access to tugo content will end at the end of your current term.  (You can select "Manage Subscriptions" through your set top box, Amazon Fire, Roku our your web interface.)

If you only use tugo through a mobile device, please open a ticket requesting cancellation and include the name of the account holder in the ticket.  We also welcome any feedback you wish to share as to why you no longer want to subscribe to tugo TV.